Aggregate and Heavy Equipment and Parts
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Bruin Stone Plant
300 Hasenflu Road
Parker, Pa
Phone & Fax: 814-226-7421
Used Heavy Equipment:
Cat 769 Rock Truck
s/n 99F5278
350 Payhauler parts:
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T500 Galion Grader
Gorman Rupp 4" Water
Pump w/353 Detroit Diesel

Headache Ball With
Swivel 4000#
Davey Drill M8A
w/238 Detroit Diesel
Hydraulic Rammer
Hammer City Pro G80 W/
Bracket s/n 80APA3074
Used Aggregate Equipment:
Cedarapids 3645 Double
Rotator Impact Crusher
w/ discharge conveyor &
6-110 Detroit
24'' x 90' Truss conveyor
w/10hp & gear reducer
Allis-Chalmers 5x12
triple deck screen with
support structure
24" x 60' Ibeam
Conveyor with swivel
wheels 10 hp & gear
24" x 60' Ibeam
conveyor w/ 10 hp &
gear reducer
Jeffrey Reversible Hammer
Mill Crusher 5WR4 with
238 V-6 Detroit Engine &
support structure
24"x 30' truss conveyor
with 10 hp electric
24" x 20' belt feeder
with 10 hp electric,
skid mounted
24' x 60' truss conveyor
w/10 hp electric, pit
Hewitt Robins triple deck
screen 5x14 with spray
bars, skid mounted support
Smalis 24x50 Conveyor pit
portable w/10hp electric &
Browing 203smt25 Reducer
24"x60' Ibeam
conveyor w/10hp
electric & gear reducer
18"x 45' Ibeam
Conveyor w/10hp
electric & gear reducer
Universal Wobble Feeder
S/N 424-35 w/moveable
4" Flygt 13 hp Electric
Submersible Pump s/n
73184, picture not available
250KW Kato Generator
w/12v71 Detroit mounted
in single axle trailer
Steel Switchgear Building
w/starters and disconnects
5x12 Allis Chalmers
hanging screen, no motor
3000 gal water tank used
for dust spray, w/1hp
motor and roller pump
Cat D9H U Blades
3 available